A Guide for Providing Feedback on the Next Generation Science Standards

So you want to give feedback on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)  but you aren’t sure where to start or the website feels a little overwhelming. Here are some tips and suggestions.

Part 1: Get to know the Framework for K-12 Science Education

I know you just want to jump in and start reading the NGSS.. but I highly recommend that you spend at least a few minutes learning about the Framework for K-12 Science Education. The Framework was released last summer and is the document that the NGSS Writing Team is using to create the standards. You can download the complete Framework document HERE, however it is a massive tome and you are not going to want to read the whole thing (unless you are a science education nerd like me.. but then you would have already read it). Luckily, there are some tools and specific parts of the Framework that are most crucial:

Why NGSS? video (a short clip)

A recorded webinar explaining the Framework (a long clip)

Part 2: Getting to Know the Next Generation Science Standards Draft

Now that you have an understanding of the Framework, it is time to dig in. The NGSS site has lots of supports and guidance for you.. perhaps too much. Let me suggest the following path.

a. Click HERE and Read some of the following:

– Conceptual Shifts in the NGSS

– Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science in the NGSS

– Diversity and Equity in the NGSS: All Standards, All Students

b. Watch the How to read the NGSS video

Part 3: Examine Next Generation Standards and Provide Feedback

Beware: the entire survey is over 150 pages (see the pdf).. you should not feel compelled to provide input on the entire survey. (If you are determined to review the entire document, make sure a loved one knows your location so you can be found in case of an NGSS-stress-related incident)

Here are a couple of ways to examine the NGSS and provide feedback on the survey.

a. Follow one Core Disciplinary idea vertically K-12. For example, you could pick energy and see how the standards progress

b. Examine standards in your grade band of expertise K-5; middle school; or high school

c. Examine just the engineering standards.

d. Just start clicking on random criteria in the search tool and see what you get.. aka NGSS roulette.

Access the survey HERE.

Survey Option 1: General Survey on ALL K-12 Standards- this is 16 questions and you provide feedback on broad aspects of the standards

Survey Option 2: Feedback on specific standards- you can give feedback on just 1 or all of the NGSS… pace yourself 🙂

Survey Option 3: Free Choice- obviously, you can combine option 1 and 2 or complete only parts of any of the survey items.

Other Resources:


2 responses to “A Guide for Providing Feedback on the Next Generation Science Standards

  1. Becky Litherland

    My teachers met on Wednesday to review the standards. We were never successful and providing our feedback. We had opened 13 screens and we still weren’t there. We kept going in circles. Any help out there?????

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