Fostering Outdoor Observation Skills

In a continuing effort to expand our thinking as science educators beyond the “scientific method”, I present another fabulous FREE resource from The Pacific Education Institute.. a handbook for Fostering Outdoor Observation Skills. The handbook contains units on:

  • Science Notebook—How do students record qualitative, quantitative, and sensory data?
  • Measure Time and Date—What are the different ways to record the time and date?
  • Estimate the Numbers of Animals in a Group—How can we accurately use estimation to determine the number of animals in a group?
  • Take Measurements and Estimate Size—How can we use actual and estimated size to identify an animal?
  • Focusing on an Animal—What is it like to be an animal?
  • Use Your Senses—How do animals use their senses to survive?
  • WANTED Poster—What are unique traits of different animals (or plants)?
  • Read and Use Maps—How do we know where we are?
  • Use Data to Answer Questions—How can data be used to answer questions?

This handbook is a great addition to The Field Investigation Guide.


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