K-5 Application (Design) Handbook

The K-5 Application Handbook (design process) is my companion to the best-selling (?) K-5 Systems Handbook. The K-5 Application Handbook is an attempt to package a variety of technological design process tools, resources, sample lessons, and links into one easy to share document.

The handbook contains materials from Project 2061, OSPI, ESD 112, the Bethel School District, and others. You will find:

    • a preface describing the importance of the design process and the rationale for the handbook
    • an overview of application standards in national science standard documents, in Washington state science standards, and Washington state Test & Item specs
    • a small set of tools for teaching design: frameworks, 3 sample lessons (including a literacy lesson)
    • an emerging table of opportunities to teach design within FOSS science kits- (would love to make this more explicit and robust)
    • links to more design resources online
    I hope this K-5 Application Handbook is useful for your context and provides a starting place for ongoing staff development about the technological design process with the Application Science EALR. I’d be very interested in hearing about how you modify and use this document. Please also share any resources that I’ve missed. Enjoy.

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