Science and Engineering Practices K-12: Thoughts by Roger Bybee

Science and Engineering Practices in K-12 Classrooms: Understanding a Framework for K-12 Science Education by Roger Bybee is being published in all of the December NSTA journals and is available FREE online. This article provides:

  • A clear explanation of the Science and Engineering Practices- displays the similarities and differences
  • Describes why the focus is on Practices versus Inquiry- this article is worth downloading just for this section!
  • Why engineering has been included in science standards- also very helpful

2 responses to “Science and Engineering Practices K-12: Thoughts by Roger Bybee

  1. Great article. Roger has distilled and presented the essence of science and engineering practices from the framework in way that makes it accessible. Should be a cornerstone reading as we move ever closer to the Next Generation Science Standards

    • I agree- I think this is article is very helpful in clarifying some key issues such as Why is engineering here? and Where is my Inquiry?

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