Life Science Instructional Support Moodle

This was mentioned on my favorite new blog- Success at the Core– and I wanted to share it here as well.

In the state of Washington, we are transitioning to a Biology End of Course (EOC) assessment as our high-stakes science assessment for high school students. Kids will take this new assessment for the first time this spring of 2012.

In order to support this transition, the science team at OSPI has developed a Life Science Instructional Support Moodle. The Moodle site contains:

  • Section 1: Biology EOC Assessment Information
  • Section 2: K-12 Science Learning Standards
  • Section 3: Summary Documents for 9-12 Life Science Standards and 9-12 Systems, Application and Inquiry Standards 
  • Section 4: Learning Supports for the 9-12 Life Science Standards
  • Section 5: Discussion Forums
  • Section 6: Teacher-Created Resources Database
  • Section 7: Elements of Effective Science Instruction (EESI)
  • Section 8: Teacher Instructional Supports Tool Box
This site will evolve as new resources are added and as more teachers contribute and collaborate on tools, products, and learning.
To access the Moodle site you must register (FREE) by clicking HERE.
Please share this with your local high school biology teacher!

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