Success at the Core: Resources for Science Instruction

Success at the Core is an excellent and well-designed site that provides an online professional development toolkit focused on effective instruction. (Click HERE to see how effective instruction is defined in 4 elements.)Tools are designed for collaborative teams and are organized to support facilitators and participants. The site is not content specific, however there are several resources that are set in a science context. (You will need to sign up for a FREE account in order to access all content- it’s easy.. and worth it!)

Click HERE to see a list of videos of middle school science instruction. Each video focuses on a strategy and includes teacher commentary, instruction plans, and student work.

Click HERE to see a video of science teacher Al Gonzalez teaching his eighth grade science class how to make, test, and reflect on predictions in a physical science lab. Good stuff!

Click HERE to see  Steven English engage this  eighth grade science class as they refine their understanding of scientific concepts through small group and whole class discussions.


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