Veritasium: Can You Handle the Truth?

One of my favorite new science education sites of the year is Derek Muller’s Veritasium video blog. Since my original post back in February 2011, the site has expanded to include an increasingly vast collection of physical science and Earth & space science videos. These clips are unique in that they not only teach us physical science concepts but help us uncover our own thinking about key physical science concepts. Unlike a site such as Khan Academy that is essentially a mini-lecture, the Veritasium videos show us a variety of potential ideas and then guides us to the scientific idea. Brilliant- and based in what we know about how people learn science.

The Veritasium videos are currently organized by the following core ideas:

  • Atoms
  • Inertia
  • Gravity
  • Force
  • Experiments
  • Calculations
  • Science Literacy
  • Songs… yes, songs 🙂

Why Every Science Educator Must Know about this Site:

1. The videos model best practices in science instruction by uncovering the initial ideas of the learner

2. Provides examples of real adult science misconceptions/preconceptions/partial conceptions

3. Focus on core ideas in science (in this case physical and Earth/Space science)

See an example of a Veritasium video embedded below: Why Does the Earth Spin?



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