Systems Thinking in Schools: Waters Foundation

As I continue my own professional learning about Systems Thinking (see a recent systems post HERE) I have had multiple people steer me towards the Waters Foundation site. This is an excellent resource on systems that goes beyond systems as a cross-cutting science concept but extends systems thinking to how we consider classroom instruction and school reform. The mission statement of the site states:

Our mission is to increase the capacity of educators to deliver student academic and lifetime benefits through the effective application of systems thinking concepts, habits, and tools in classroom instruction and school improvement.

Useful resources on the Waters Foundation site include (free registration is required to access some of the tools):

I highly recommend taking some time to check this out and add to your “systems” bookmarks.

3 responses to “Systems Thinking in Schools: Waters Foundation

  1. Great post, Kirk. I use the Waters Foundation material a LOT–both for K-12 students and adults interested in better understanding how systems work.
    Anyone intrigued by the Waters Foundation material may be interested in an upcoming webinar by Waters Foundation staff. It’s not science-specific, but promises to give a great overview of systems thinking in schools by two top-notch educators.

    Creating a Snowball Effect: Increasing Thinking, Engagement, and Achievement in Schools through Systems Thinking
    with Tracy Benson and Sheri Marlin
    Thursday, June 9, 2:00-3:30 pm ET|

    For more info and to register, go to:

  2. science_4_all

    thanks for sharing the information on the webinar.. I will promote this on other channels as well đŸ™‚

  3. Look at Diana Fisher’s work, the Creative Learning Exchange, the System Dynamics Society at MIT. The Waters Foundation has very good material.

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