Teaching about Fossils- resources for Washington Teachers

Here are some resources for teaching K-5 students about fossils.

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has a set of fossil lessons designed to supplement instructional materials such as Science and Technology for Children (STC) Rocks and Minerals and FOSS Earth Materials. These supplemental lessons are designed to align with Washington State science standards but could be a useful resource for other states as well.

ESD 112 has produced the following fossil supplemental lessons to accompany FOSS kits:

Carla Calcite Guide insert6-1

Sharks Teeth – Fossils Pebbles Guide insert

The Cruising the Fossil Freeway website through the Burke Museum is anotherresource for fossil lessons/materials related to Washington State. You will find video clips of fossil exploration in Washington locales and interactive maps.

The Burke Museum also has an excellent interactive that accompanies their Museum in a Box- Fossils kit. The interactive has 5 wonderful activities that are purposefully connected to Washington state. I highly recommend checking this out!

See a Youtube clip embedded below recorded on the edge of the Columbia River near Vantage, WA.


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