AAAS Science Assessment Beta- Items for Assessing Misconceptions

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) through their initiative Project 2061 have produced a bank of 600 test items that assess science understanding and misconceptions. The items have gone through years of research and development and target the following:

  • concepts in Earth/Space, physical science, life science, and nature of science
  • students in middle and high school
  • scientifically correct ideas as well as misconceptions

In order to access the item bank you need to register by providing an email and password. Once you are logged in you will find a well-organized set of items with loads of student data. Each domain of science contains several topics: for example, in Life Science you will find Cells, Evolution, Human Body Systems, etc. Within the topics the items are organized around key ideas and sub-ideas within the topic.

This is a valuable resource for any science curriculum director, science assessment specialist, science instructional coach, science educator, science professional development provider, etc looking for vetted science assessment items that test more than science minutiae.

HERE is an article from Education Week that describes the AAAS tool.


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