Women are Scientists FREE Video Series

March is Women’s History Month and while I would argue that it is important to advocate for women’s issues all the months of the year (maybe a topic for a future post) here is a wonderful FREE resource that I highlighted in a previous post and want to put back on everyone’s radar.

NIH has a set of FREE videos titled Women are Scientists. The videos can be downloaded, viewed online, or you can request the series on DVD. The series is intended to motivate female students to pursue STEM careers. Women are Scientists features the following 5 episodes:

– Women Scientists with Disabilities

– Women in Dental Research

– Women are Pathologists

– Women are Researchers

– Women are Surgeons

This should be a useful addition to your collection of resources for encouraging young women in the pursuit of a science related careers.

HERE is a recent post on the NIH Science Education blog regarding this resource.


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