Veritasium: Science Video Blog

I mention a lot of online science education resources on this site and occasionally I find a resource that needs to be highlighted and elevated above the typical post. Veritasium is one of those resources! This is the type of site I wish I was involved with.

Veritasium is a science video blog that has clips of:

  • Adults describing their science ideas- these clips are excellent for use with students and adult professional development. See the clip on How far Away is the Moon? embedded below
  • Songs and videos on science topics- see the parody of John Mayer’s Gravity embedded below
  • Video explanations such as The Forces on You

The videos on Veritasium are well-made and thoughtfully done. The interviews and explanations are clear, concise, and delivered in an engaging way. I can’t say enough good things about this work… I’m excited to see what other videos get added to the mix.

The site is the work of Dr. Derek Muller of The University of Sydney. Derek has a background in physics education research and has an obvious understanding for how to make physics learning engaging and meaningful. You can follow Derek on Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE.


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