11 Science Education Resources to Try in 2011

With a new year underway and hopefully a few new readers coming on board, I thought I would recommend 11 posts/resources that go beyond the typical “fun sites” I post. These are resources I’ve mentioned that focus on instruction and that could transform your thinking about the teaching and learning of science… and ultimately improve student learning in science. There should be something on the list for science educators of all levels and the administrators, curriculum directors, and coordinators who support them.

  1. 10 resources for effective elementary science instruction: As an elementary teacher of science, I put this list together to go beyond fun activities that work and focus on content knowledge and pedagogy.
  2. Tools for Ambitious Science Teaching: One of the best online resources I’ve seen for secondary science instruction.
  3. Formative assessment probes: If you don’t have these books yet… stop reading this and order them.
  4. North Cascades and Olympic Science Partnership: A treasure trove of tools and resources for effective practice
  5. Effective Science Instruction Report 2.0: it’s hard to argue with the 5 Characteristics presented in this report.
  6. 10 essential books for science education leaders: a pretty solid list if I do say so myself.
  7. Protocols for Considering Science Instruction: a variety of different tools are mentioned that provide a common language of science instruction.
  8. Ready, Set, Science and/or Taking Science to School: These are foundational books on how students learn science and how we may want to teach them.
  9. Designing Effective Science Instruction: This book takes the research on effective science instruction and connects it to classroom practice.
  10. NSTA: the National Science Teacher Association has articles, online professional development/courses, and so much more. Lots of FREE stuff for members and non-members.
  11. Science Foldables: Using folded paper to help learners make sense of their science experiences

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