Recommendations for STEM Education: A report from WA State

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in Washington State just released a report featuring recommendations for STEM education. Click HERE to download a pdf of the report.

The three priority recommendation are:

Focus I: Improved teaching throughout K-12
The most important factor in ensuring excellence in STEM education is great STEM teachers, with both deep content knowledge in STEM subjects and mastery of the pedagogical skills required to teach these subjects well.
To accelerate student achievement in STEM subjects and close the STEM achievement gap, Washington needs to ensure that every student has a highly effective teacher.

Focus II: Deep and sustained commitment to STEM innovation throughout K-12
STEM education is most successful when students develop personal connections with the ideas and excitement of STEM fields. This can occur in both the classroom through individualized and group experiences utilizing project based learning and advanced courses, and outside the classroom through experiences such as science fairs, robotics contests and math olympiads.

Focus III: Ensure strong community and business engagement for STEM education
Strong leadership and participation from STEM professionals can be a tremendous asset for K-12 education. Many representatives from the range of STEM occupations are willing to contribute to improving STEM education, both in school and out of school, if an efficient and effective way for them to do so could be put into place.

The report also provides clarification of STEM literacy and provides a plan for STEM education improvements.

I have to “marinade” on this report for a bit and get back with my thoughts.

I’m interested in what others think about this report and if other states have created similar STEM reports.


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