Top 100 Blogs for Teachers by Teachers

Guide to Online Schools has another great Top 100 list- this one is titled the 100 Best Blogs by Teachers for Teachers. The science education section features 10 great blogs plus something called Science for All -I’m not so sure about that one 🙂 (I’m very honored to have made the list)

  • Science Fix: Experiments fill this site! Middle school science teacher Darren Fix has created a blog filled with lesson plans and web links. Each post even has a video that demonstrates how do the experiments in your own science labs.
  • Making Science Fun: Science experiments are what students remember most when they leave their classrooms and go into the real world. So why not get a load of new science ideas on Steve Spangler’s science blog! You will find easy-to-follow instructions, accompanied by pictures and videos.
  • My Science Lessons: Need ideas to make your science labs more interesting? This is where this blog comes in. This blog offers many activities and lesson plans to make science more interactive and engaging.
  • The Science Queen: Sixth through eighth grade science is covered on this site. The blog gives science teachers a number of helpful notes, lab ideas, movies, and assignments.
  • Science Notebooking: Having your students keep journals for science class will help them remember how projects were done. This will also give them a head start to the practice of writing down everything that happens in an experiment, which they will need to do in high school and college science courses.
  • Science for All: Pictures, videos, articles, and other web resources on many things science are on this site. The blogger – an elementary teacher who once was a molecular biologist – hopes “to facilitate innovative thinking to reform science education and to improve student learning for all in science.”
  • Extreme Biology Blog: Ms. Baker and her students discuss all things biology on this site. It is neatly organized under tabs, such as biology themes, current news, and AP biology. If you are in need of discussion topics for your biology class or interesting facts, this is the blog for you.
  • Chemistry Blog: Bloggers on this site are professors, postdocs, and scientists who are all interested in educating you further in chemistry. This blog is regularly updated and readers offer constant feedback, making it a forum for discussing chemistry-related issues.
  • Chemical Engineering World: If chemical engineering is a subject that interests you, this site provides all sorts of information on the field. It even has a forum, online links, job board, books, and magazines on chemical engineering.
  • Joanne Manaster Loves Everything about Science: A passion for science has inspired Joanne Manaster to learn, teach, and learn even more science. Her humorous and educational posts on all things science are engaging and entertaining.
  • Reflections of a Science Teacher: Get a glimpse into the mind and happenings of a science teacher. This blogger offers insightful perspectives into the life of a “scientist, educator, and life-long learner.”



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