The National Center for Family Literacy with support from Thinkfinity.org recently launched a new Wonderopolis web site. The site is

for parents and children to nurture a sense of wonder and build a brighter world for children through the power of discovery, creativity, learning and imagination. Through the guidance of the National Center for Family Literacy and the support of Thinkfinity.org, Wonderopolis™ shows families, and reminds us all, that learning is fun. Whether it’s a curious question or an everyday adventure, learning follows us wherever we go. Wonderopolis™ helps bring fun family-learning experiences to the dinner table, in the carpool line or at the park.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
wonderopolis, posted with vodpod

Wonderopolis features a Wonder of the Day each day of the week. Past wonders include: Can you train a goldfish? Why does Jell-O jiggle? and How can math help you cook? Each wonder is supported by a video clip and resources/activities to try.

You can follow Wonderopolis on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. See an example video embedded below:


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