Halloween Science

Well- it’s that time of year again- Halloween is approaching and there are some wonderful ways to connect the excitement of Halloween to engaging science demonstrations and investigations. Can you find an activity or demo in the sources below and use it to not only engage your students but to help them understand an important concept in science? I would love to hear of some success stories.

For starters you may want to check out last year’s Halloween Science post click HERE.

The ultimate source of Halloween Science demos and activities has to be Steve Spangler click HERE

The Haunted Physics Lab– another source of ideas.

Halloween Science at Science Bob’s Site– even more videos and projects.

Easy Halloween Science Experiments for the Classroom– the title says it all.

Icky, Creepy, and just Plain Gross Science Projects– a page from Scholastic with lots of gross ideas- boys will love these!

Spooky Halloween Science from the Kitchen Pantry Scientist Blog- a very cool site by the way.

Steve Spangler Halloween Science ideas on Twitter– not sure if there will be new Tweets this October but the list from last year is still impressive.


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