10 Essential Books for Science Education Leaders

If you support science education reform as a district curriculum director, professional development provider, teacher leader, or any other job title- then this list of books is for you. All of the links below are to Google Books were you can read an online preview of the book before you purchase.

You can also check out My Google Books Library to see other education related books.

  1. Leading Every Day: This book contains short reflective readings on leadership, change, learning communities, and effective groups. The pieces should be used  by a group of educators as they continue to learn and improve their practice. This book is based on several books listed below.
  2. Designing Professional Development for Teachers of Science & Mathematics: The “bible” for designing effective science PD. You don’t want to be without this rich tool. I seem to find something new every time I engage with this book.
  3. A Leader’s Guide to Science Curriculum Topic Study and Science Curriculum Topic Study: What can I say about CTS? This set of tools is so versatile and really supports much more than just science content knowledge. If you are not familiar with CTS the title is somewhat diseaving and does not paint a clear picture of the resource.
  4. The Adaptive School– Lots of specific tools for supporting effective collaborative groups. This is not a science-specific resource but a rich one nonetheless.
  5. How Students Learn: Science in the Classroom– the title says it all.
  6. Science Education Leadership: Best Practices for the New Century– This is a new book from NSTA Press. It is a collection of essays from a variety of experts in science education leadership. I have found several of the essays to be very innovative in their thinking and push me to reconsider some of my own biases.
  7. Evaluating Professional Development: The classic from Guskey-
  8. The Choreography of Presenting and Train Smart: Effective Presentations Every Time– Perhaps a couple of unexpected choices but I think it is essential that anyone who may be sharing information with a small or large group should have a resource to support the art of presenting to adults. I consider both of these books to be about equal and hope to feature them in an upcoming post.
  9. The Data Coach’s Guide to Improving Learning for All Students– A very structured resource supporting collaborative inquiry into data. The book scaffolds how a team could go through 19 successive tasks from Launching the Data Team to Building a Logic Model to Celebrating Success.
  10. Designing Effective Science Instruction: What Works in Science Classrooms–  Based on the report- Effective Science Instruction: What does research tell us?, DESI gives some practical examples of how to implement and support effective science instruction in the classroom.

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