Are Parents Satisfied with Math and Science Education?

The findings of a new Public Agenda survey were released on June 2, 2010. The survey explored the views of 1,400 individuals nationwide including 646 parents of K-12 students.

Here is an overview of parent views as mentioned in a recent Education Week article:

•About half (52 percent) say their local schools are doing a good job of preparing students for college-level math. For science, it was exactly 50 percent.
•About half (52 percent) say their children are getting about the right amount of math and science instruction in school.
•80 percent believe that math and science ability is something kids can learn in school and develop with experience, rather than being innate.
•Almost two-thirds (65 percent) say students should focus on reading, writing, and math in elementary school, and save science for later grades.

I find these data to be very interesting and I want to match these results with other recent reports on math and science education. See below for more information on the survey.

Click HERE to see the complete results of the Public Agenda survey.

Click HERE to download the press release.

Click HERE to read the article from Education Week.


One response to “Are Parents Satisfied with Math and Science Education?

  1. Parents HAVE to believe their schools are doing a good job – if they didn’t believe this they would have to make a decision about doing something about their child’s education (change to a different school or work to change current school)

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