Why So Few? Women in STEM

The STEM Blog featured a post on the recent American Association of University Women (AAUW) report on women in STEM fields. The research report- Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics– focuses on:

“practical ways that families, schools, and communities can create an environment of encouragement that can disrupt negative stereotypes about women’s capacity in these demanding fields. By supporting the development of girls’ confidence in their ability to learn math and science,
we help motivate interest in these fields. Women’s educational progress should be celebrated, yet more work is needed to ensure that women and girls have full access to educational and employment opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.”

Download the full report for FREE HERE.

View a presentation and panel discussion that accompanies the report HERE. Part of the presentation is embedded below.

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One response to “Why So Few? Women in STEM

  1. My wife is a scientist (a good one too!–not just a dish washer 🙂 ) and having taught high school science, I didn’t see a lot of love for science amongst girls OR boys.

    Granted, in an honors or advanced course I’d expect a lot more, but the little bit of intrigue into a career related to science I ever saw was mostly nursing.

    I think in general our society is not one that values science and therefore girls (and boys) are not drawn to it. Most students seem want to do things that are either creative in nature or are service-based. Because success in science doesn’t equal pay the way success in business or marketing does, kids seem to want to pass it over.

    Anyway, I seem kind of rambly, I am just upset that STEM is so important to the future of our country’s health and wealth, but seen as such an evil.

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