FOSS Newsletters

Full Option Science System (FOSS) has a wonderful Newsletter that is published every fall and spring.

The intent of the newsletter is to … “help FOSS users develop a network of support across the country. Delta Education and Lawrence Hall of Science work together to bring you news two times per year, including articles regarding the latest development of modules, tips about management from teachers and administrators, ways to make connections with other teachers and districts, extensions and reading materials to add to modules you are already using, and informative articles about good educational practices.”

There is an archive of newsletters all the way back to a time called the 90s. I used FOSS instructional materials as an elementary teacher and I was not aware of this resource. Seems like a tool that could be useful to not only FOSS users but other elementary school teachers as well.

Please note the article- It’s not Summer School, it’s Science Camp– in the new issue written by Tara Edmond of Tacoma Public Schools.


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