Science Assessment changes for 2010- Washington State

I try not to write from too much of a local perspective on this blog but for this entry I’m sharing some information for Washington State teachers of science.

Our state assessment system has gone through a name change (kind of like Prince changing his name to a symbol) and also some structural changes (kind of like Cher’s plastic surgeries).

There are some important changes that teachers should be aware of. The document Science Assessment Changes for 2010 is a clear resource with explanations of the changes and examples (Powerful Classroom Assessments) for grades 5, 8, and HS. The new PCAs also have examples of the new Completion Items and 2 point Planning an Investigation Items.

I have created a True/False quiz for checking your understanding of the state assessment before engaging with the Science Assessment Changes for 2010 document. This quiz could be used by an individual for engaging and learning about the changes or as an activity in a workshop or meeting. Click science msp pretest to download the quiz.

For more information here is a PowerPoint from a recent Washington Science Assessment Leadership Team meeting- Science Assessment PowerPoint March 2010

Here is a link to a PowerPoint on science & assessment given by Gilda Wheeler and Kara Monroe of OSPI at the March WSTA conference

I also recommend checking out the newly redesigned OSPI web site and Science Page.


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