K-12 Common Core Standards: English & Math

The Draft Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics are now available for public review and comment through April 2nd. While the Science “Common Core Standards” are being developed- I thought this might be a good opportunity for science folks to get a sense of what is coming. Plus, the Writing Standards include History/Social Studies and Science standards.

Check out the Common Core State Standards Initiative site to download the standard documents and give feedback.

For information on development of the Conceptual Framework for the New Science Education Standards click HERE.


11 responses to “K-12 Common Core Standards: English & Math

  1. whom is writing the science core standards.. are any teachers involved in this or is it just college professors and other industry people?

  2. Do you have any new information about when the science standards will be released? Is there a rough draft I could look at , to get an idea of what specifics will be included?

  3. Is this the group that will be writing the Common Core Standards?

  4. I just came from a three-day workshop about common core standards, and there is a whole section in the ELA part addressing common standards for History/Social Studies, Science, and Technology. There are separate standards written for each area. Is there a difference between the NGSS and these standards I just read that is included in the common core?

    • the science in the CCSS is about teaching reading and writing within a content area course such as biology or chemistry.. these are not “science standards”

      The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) will be a very rigorous set of K-12 science and engineering standards

  5. So will science adhere to the reading and writing in the CCSS as well as the NGSS?

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