Foldables in Science

This is not a science specific resource, however, as an elementary teacher of science and as a professional development provider I have used Foldables to help learners better understand science concepts. If you are new to Foldables, they are essentially folded paper used as a graphic organizer. There are many flavors of Foldables: Cause & Effect, Venn Diagrams, mini-books, and more.

If you found this post by searching for science & foldables, I would ask that you check out some of my other posts and add this blog to your science education bookmarks. I have been running this blog for over 3 years and there are over 750 posts about K-12 science education resources.

Some of my favorite Foldables resource sites are the following:

Applications for Science Teachers: Foldables help students build understanding through the use of visual and kinesthetic interactions. The use of a Foldable or graphic organizer can help students build their understanding of a science concept in a structured and tangible way.


4 responses to “Foldables in Science

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  3. How is the photosynthesis/respiration foldable made? Does it open? Can you post more pictures?

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