National Academy of Education: Science & Mathematics Education

Screen shot 2009-10-31 at 10.53.27 AMThe National Academy of Education recently released a White Paper on Science and Mathematics Education. Click HERE to download the pdf.

This paper outlines Six Recommendations:

RECOMMENDATION 1: The federal government
should strengthen the pre-kindergarten through 8th
grade science and mathematics curriculum by supporting
the National Science Foundation to fund the
development of several curricula that focus on core
concepts and skills, thereby preparing all students to
succeed in high school. The materials should include
related curriculum support materials, professional
development tools, and assessments.

RECOMMENDATION 2: High school course sequences
and curricula in science and mathematics
should be rethought and redesigned.

RECOMMENDATION 3: The federal, state, and district
officials responsible for assessment should ensure
that assessments in science and mathematics
measure higher levels of thinking and reasoning as
well as students’ content knowledge and skills.

RECOMMENDATION 4: Improve the preparation,
professional development, and work conditions (including
remuneration) of science and mathematics
teachers in order to attract and retain individuals
who are competent in teaching these challenging subject

RECOMMENDATION 5: In funding curriculum development
in science and mathematics, federal agencies
should ensure that these efforts include comprehensive
technology-based instructional and assessment

RECOMMENDATION 6: Federal and state policy
makers should establish a research and development
cycle to sustain and improve science and mathematics
education nationally.

You may also be interested in the Teacher Quality White Paper from The National Academy of Education which includes Four Recommendations.

Applications for Science Teachers: This short paper should be read by all teachers of math and science. Administrators, curriculum directors, PD providers, policy makers, etc should add this paper to their list of resources for “making the case” for science and math education reform.


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