Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom

Screen shot 2009-10-18 at 1.33.50 PMWay back in a time called the 1970s, before Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel, there was a show called Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. I can remember as a little boy preparing to watch Marlin Perkins and his weekly adventures. The show was key in my developing love of science.

Something made me think of Wild Kingdom today- so I got on YouTube to search and to my great satisfaction there are complete episodes of Wild Kingdom available on YouTube.

To my even greater surprise there is a wonderful Wild Kingdom website. You will find links to videos (old & new), games & activities, and a nostalgia page with background information on the original series. See the classic- Attack & Defense below.

Applications for Science Teachers: Great resources for K-5 teachers of science. Use the video clips to supplement instruction in life science or to create engagement/probe initial ideas. The videos are also interesting for examining advances in technology. Some of the tools used in the classic Wild Kingdom episodes are a little dated.


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