They Might Be Giants- Here Comes Science

Last month I posted a couple of They Might Be Giants science videos (Science is Real & Meet the Elements) and did not realize that the band had released a children’s CD of all science songs. Well, I just downloaded the CD and I have to say these are great science songs. The lyrics aren’t just science facts thrown together to rhyme. The songs are catchy, funny, and not just for kids.

The CD contains songs from all domains of science-life science, physical science, and Earth/Space science. You can preview the songs on iTunes or They Might Be Giants also created an animated video for each song (see the Video and Audio version). The video for ROY G. BIV is embedded below.

Read an interview with TMBG at

Applications for Science Teachers: While these song were probably intended for younger scientists, I can imagine that most K-12 teachers of science will find an appropriate match here in terms of general content.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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