Machine with Chair – Arthur Ganson

Saw this on today

Part art, part science, all genius! See more of Arthur Ganson’s work HERE

Applications for Science Teachers: I can imagine that the observation and examination of this work could be motivating and engaging for all learners. High school students could have some fun digging into the engineering behind this and/or creating their own mini machine art.

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2 responses to “Machine with Chair – Arthur Ganson

  1. So, in the spirit of “What Can You Do With This” (, which shouldn’t just be the provenance of math—what parts of this might you use to provoke student questions? Are there specific images that would be best for engendering inquiry—or the video as a whole?

  2. teachscience4all

    I think the middle of the clip when we see the machine lift and replace the chair is the most rich.
    It seems like you could use the clip to have students practice science process skills such as questioning, observing, and inferring.

    There are also opportunities to pose a question about: the nature of science & art; forces & motion; or the design process.
    Possible questions:
    – Why would anyone create this machine?
    – Is any work being done?
    – Is this an example of art or science?
    – Is the creator an artist or a scientist?
    – What problem could this machine be solving?

    In terms of art:
    – What is the artist saying to us?
    – What does the chair represent?
    – How does the artist use line, circle, shadow, etc in this piece?
    – How do you feel when you watch this clip?

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