Screen shot 2009-09-08 at 10.07.40 PMI had the pleasure of seeing Adam and Jamie at last year’s NSTA Conference in Portland, OR. It was wonderful to hear them both talk about their own passion for science and how much they value the work of science teachers. (Jamie’s wife is a science teacher).

Applications for Science Teachers: The Mythbusters site is a great source of short video clips that could be used to start discussions on science content and/or process. The site also has the obligatory games, store, TV schedules, etc. I don’t see how we can go wrong by promoting the passion that the Mythbusters show for science.


One response to “Mythbusters

  1. One key with using Mythbusters in the classroom is to discuss with students the one big fly in the ointment…the aspect of replication of results. Often the Mythbusters strive for a single instance which “verifies” or “refutes” a commonly held perception. I wonder how often those tests are repeated by independent groups to support the assertions of Adam and Jamie? I personally love Mythbusters for the excitement it can generate in the classroom, and frequently tell my kids that if I were not a teacher I would want to be a Mythbuster. However, we need to make sure we’re discussing the real aspects of science in Hollywood productions. Thanks for sharing!

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