NASA eClips

Picture 15NASA has an almost overwhelming amount of resources for teachers and in an effort to make it less overwhelming here is a great resource I stumbled on tonight- NASA eClips. This site has a variety of short video clips on Earth/Space science content organized by grade band.

Applications for Science Teachers: If you are teaching any Earth/Space science concepts with a design/problem solving focus, I would recommend previewing the clips here to see if there are some videos to supplement your instruction.

Our World Grades K-5 has over 50 short video clips specifically designed for elementary students.

Real World Grades 6-8 uses mathematics to solve real world problems.

Launchpad Grades 9-12 provides over 40 video clips that support project-based science and engineering problems.

The site provides support to teachers with a Teacher Toolbox containing Educator Guides, Virtual Vocabulary, and much more. Seems like a wonderful resource.

The videos are also available through YouTube: HERE

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