Wii Remotes and Cell Phones

Recently I have been working with some science teachers who received a lot of cool instructional technology such as smartboards and audience response systems. However, I also work with several teachers who do not have access to these same tools.

So as we wait for the day when every classroom has top of the line technology to support top of the line learning, here are a couple of strategies to create your own smartboard and audience response system for a fraction of the cost.

The Wii Remote Smartboard: Here is another video clip demonstrating the Wii remote smartboard setup. For the price of a Wii Remote and an infrared pen (about $60) you can have almost all of the functionality of an interactive smartboard. If you want to try it out yourself, HERE is a site that has the software so the Wii Remote can connect to your computer .

Cell Phones as Polling Devices: Polleverywhere.com is a site that allows you to poll 30 individuals for free using their own cell phones. This seems like a great way to harness the technology that most students already have in their pockets. Check here for more ideas for using cell phones in education. The NY Times recently had an article on the use of smartphones in the classroom.


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