Start your own PLN

Yes there is another acronym to learn- PLN or personal learning network.

Recently I set forth on an adventure to use the internet for gathering  resources and tools for effective science instruction. At the time I didn’t realize I was a part of a PLN.. I just wanted to find cool science stuff. I started playing with Facebook, Twitter,, and Google Reader. I started reading some blogs and soon found myself doing my own micro-blogging on Facebook and Twitter using Tweetdeck.

I was quickly and easily connected to a wealth of expertise that was not readily available to me previously. I was part of a PLN and I was hooked.

I will never think of teaching, learning, and professional development in the same way again.

If you would like to start playing with some tech stuff OR want to be more intentional and become part of a PLN- I highly recommend this blog entry as a great place to start. Good luck and happy trails!

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