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Veritasium: This Will Revolutionize Education

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Veritasium video so when I saw the new video titled This Will Revolutionize Education– I felt like I needed to share. Lots of good stuff for us to think about in education reform and educational technology. Also some very wise words about teaching and learning.


Planet Nutshell Climate Science Videos

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 1.06.59 PMThe Next Generation Science Standards contain a strong K-12 focus on climate science and this focus may be missing in some of our instructional materials. Planet Nutshell contains several short well produced educational video clips and they have a series of 11 videos on climate science. See What is Climate? embedded below. These could provide a useful supplement.


Two Minute Geology

Spend a few minutes of your summer exploring a  brand new series of short geology videos from scenic Washington. These informative video clips are now available online and are hosted by Central Washington University geology professor Nick Zentner and created by Tom Foster for .  You will find 12 current episodes with more on the way at their YouTube Channel or Facebook page. These clips could be useful for providing some Earth Science content and context to K-8 learners (and teachers). See the clip on What is a Coulee? embedded below


Veritasium: Comparing Temperatures

I recently used a Veritasium video called Comparing Temperatures in some science professional development with elementary teachers. We were learning about energy transfers and I used the video as a way to uncover our ideas about heat.  I highly recommend Veritasium- new videos added on a regular basis.


Dance your PhD

After posting John Bohannon’s TED talk I did some looking into Dance Your PhD and found this winning submission from 2010 by Maureen McKeague, a chemistry Ph.D. student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada… enjoy.