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Engineering Design Talk Moves

There are lots of great resources for supporting productive classroom talk during science instruction…

But when it comes to engineering design I think we need some different questions and talk moves to guide students as they are collaborating to solve problems. I haven’t found a resource on “engineering talk”… so I created this engineering talk moves document.

This is very drafty and I would love some feedback. What is missing? What is redundant? Does this document even make sense? What needs to be improved to make this document useful for K-12 teachers?

The idea is that this 1 pager would be used by a teacher to guide students’ thinking as they are in the middle of collaborative work to solve an engineering problem.

I look forward to your feedback. Click HERE to download the document.


Lego Digital Designer

Screen shot 2009-09-24 at 8.07.39 PMLego Digital Designer is a free application to download for PC or MAC. The program lets you build with virtual Lego blocks. Users can also order the Lego pieces to build their virtual creation.

Applications for Science Teachers: This tool could be very useful for educators teaching application and the design process.