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Caine’s Arcade

Caine’s Arcade is the incredible story of a 9 year old boy who designs and builds an arcade using cardboard boxes and other “found” materials. The site is pretty amazing and you can see the touching short film about Caine (embedded below). The film has so many connections to STEM, social media, and just humanity in general… You can also donate to the Caine’s Arcade Scholarship fund if you choose as well as learn about the Cardboard Challenge. A great example for elementary students of the technological design process (engineering) in action. Highly recommended!

Update on Curiosity Rover from SciShow

Hank at SciShow posted a nice update on the Mars Rover Curiosity- The Latest from Mars Day 2

Physics of the High Jump- Veritasium

The latest video from Veritasium with an Olympics tie in.

Top 5 Coolest Things about Curiosity- SciShow

I have really grown to love SciShow.. I’m not going to hide it. My admiration has only gown stronger with Hank’s unbridled excitement about the Mars Curiosity Rover. See embedded below- Top 5 Coolest Things about Curiosity. I think that middle school students would really be engaged by Hank’s presentation, style, and excitement for science topics. Would love to hear how you have used or plan to use SciShow clips with students.

Science of the Summer Olympics- NBC Learn

NBC Learn has partnered with the National Science Foundation to bring us Science of the Summer Olympics. This site focuses on the technology and engineering that supports athletes in increasing their performance. 10 videos will be posted over the course of the Olympics and videos include: Designing a Fast Pool, Missy Franklin and Fluid Dynamics, Engineering for Mobility, and others. The video stream from the NBC Learn site. NSTA will be posting lesson plans to accompany the videos. These were not easy to find… you will want to follow the NSTA Blog to see lesson plans- see the lesson plans for the Missy Franklin video HERE.

Science Talk Report Card- Benchfly

First of all, if you teach science then you should really visit Benchfly. If you work in a lab or are a graduate student in any lab science, then I’m sure you already know about Benchfly 🙂

Benchfly is a FREE video platform for sharing video tips, protocols, etc on common lab science practices. The Benchfly Blog is beautifully eclectic and while it contains some references to mature topics- it paints a compelling picture of the nature of science. The most recent blog post features The Scientific Talk Report Card. See image below.  Might be cool to show high school students that even real lab scientists seek feedback on their presentations.

For an example of a Video Protocol, see Pouring an Agarose Gel.

“I’m with Neil” by the Phenomenauts

Soon to be the science jam of the summer 🙂

I present to you “I’m with Neil” by the Phenomenauts– an ode to the amazing Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Enjoy! Click HERE to read a recent Wired article about the video.