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Wringing Out a Washcloth on the ISS

Here is a simple structure for scaffolding a science video clip with students.

Predict: What will happen when you wring out a soaking wet washcloth in the microgravity of the International Space Station?

Observe the video below. (Click HERE if you cannot see the clip.) Where does the water from the washcloth go?

Explain why this happened. Make a claim and support it with evidence and reasoning.

NASA eClips: Systems Video

I was working with some middle school science teachers today and they shared a NASA eClips video on systems. In Washington state, our science standards have a focus on systems and the upcoming Next Generation Science Standards also include systems as a crosscutting concept. This in one of the few videos I’ve found online that provides a good overview of systems ideas. Click HERE if you cannot see the embedded clip below.

10 Good Resources for Learning About Space

Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers recently posted¬†50 Years of Solar System Exploration & 10 Good Resources for Learning About Space. There are some great resources that I have posted previously. My personal favorites are NASA 360 and NASA’s The Space Place. ¬†Click HERE to read Richard’s complete post- enjoy!

NASA Johnson Style

Just for fun… hope you enjoy NASA Johnson Style (Gangnam Style parody)

Incredible Video of Solar Eclipse

I stumbled on this amazing video of a solar eclipse and wanted to share it.

Read a blog post describing the video HERE.

Wired Science: Panorama of Every Mars Landing

Wired Science just posted an amateur-created panorama that shows the history of all six successful probe landings on Mars- from the Soviet Mars 3 probe in 1971 to the Viking probes in 1976 up to the more recent rovers. With the current excitement about Curiosity, I think it is important for students to understand the history of these other missions to the red planet.

Update on Curiosity Rover from SciShow

Hank at SciShow posted a nice update on the Mars Rover Curiosity- The Latest from Mars Day 2