Two Free Instructional Materials for Teaching about Matter

Inquiry in Action- Investigating Matter Through Inquiry is a FREE 470 page resource with multiple inquiry activities for teaching K-8 science process skills in the context of understanding matter .

You can download individual lesson or the entire book as a pdf.

Likes: The activities in this set are hands-on, use everyday materials, and target developmentally appropriate process skills. The Think About It extension activities provide a non-fiction reading comprehension supplement.

Wishes: I would like to see more opportunities for uncovering student preconceptions about Matter (the¬† first density lesson does this). The assessment rubrics could be more developed and specific. The focus of the lessons seems to be more on the activity/materials/procedure with less emphasis on “making sense” of the content. A direct link to national or state science standards would have been a welcome addition as well.

For another example of FREE instructional materials on Matter please see a resource from Michigan State University… A middle school unit on Matter & Molecules. This was created in the late 80s, yet follows the 3 Key Findings from How People Learn and is well-reviewed by AAAS.

The entire Teacher Guide and Student Sheets are available as free pdf downloads. It is interesting to compare these two materials.

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